We have a lot of talented designers who are completely underrated and my purpose was to focus on the urban clothing lines that haven’t received enough praises as much as they deserve, our youths are crazy about these clothing lines … TWO words SWAG and CHIC! (Literally)



ODF (One Diverse Fashion) is a classy preppy clothing line who make a classy outfit look very chic, the clothing line which was originally named “OW’ Du Feel Clothing” but later on was changed it to ODF, make the simplest things look unique and diverse. The founder of the brand Nicholas Dex Amfo, who was inspired by he’s love of he’s music and fashion, was determined to launch he’s very own clothing line were Nicolas made sure he’s brand consisted of, sunglasses, smart wear T-shirts, Ties, Hats, Body warmers and so much more!! The clothing brand has done pretty well with gaining the SOLA London awards in 2012 and establishing a solid relationship with their customers.

One diverse fashion


Why call it ODF?

ODF stands for one diverse fashion and that’s all about uniting different cultures, and we get our inspiration from arts and lifestyle so one diverse fashion is the best way to explain our brand and our direction and everything we represent.

Check out my Fashion show review on their Autumn/Winter 13-14 line !!


 Check out their latest website!!


Or their Facebook page:






crown the kid


Crown the kid is a fashion brand based in the UK, which provides a unique urban style for young people. Looking fresh and young is the clothing line’s motto and Ayden Aweys (Owner of brand), who is only on he’s first year in University of the Creative Arts unquestionably, knew what would sell.

The fashion line consists of jumpers/ sweaters, crazy chains, t- shirts and even hats!!

Crown the kid 1

 crown the kid 2

What made you decide to create ‘Crown the kid’?


Ayden Aweys said:

 ‘Couldn’t find a job and needed money, handed out my CV and you know most places want someone with experience. So thought fuck it use my creative skills to make money… crown the kid was born’

 Considering the brands only just started, and one of the biggest music blogs ‘Music hiccup’ have already featured the urban brand as their ad on their website, the brands definitely looking to have a great future!!

Check out the latest clothing on the ‘Crown the kid’ website!!


Or their Facebook page:




Headless, known for their fashionable beanies and matching t-shirts have defiantly been popular with the youths, especially the youths from south London. With the brand already in the local guardian and featuring in the Pause magazine online (http://pausemag.co.uk/?p=2562), they’re definitely moving up. The owner of ‘Headless’ Taelor Headley, made sure he created clothing, that young people could wear, weather it was female or male – Not only is headless an urban fashion brand but it is also incorporates gaming (Very original)!!

The brand consists of beanies, t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts.




What made you decide to create ‘Headless?


Taelor Headley said:

 ‘The fact that I got tired of wearing the same old bullshit and the added fact that no one was willing to help me make it happen as usual’

 Why call it headless?

 ‘It has no actually relevance to its content – It also derived from a nickname I was called due to my surname’

Taelor admitted that the reason to why he worked so hard was because he didn’t have a lot of people believing in him, with a talent like that plus the growth of the brand, he’ll eventually be flying to the top!

Check out the latest clothing on the ‘Headless’ website!!


Or their Facebook page:


All brands have made a huge impression with a lot of people, and without a doubt will make it pretty far in this industry. So look out for these clothing lines!!

Words: Wardah Sempa 


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