Is he a playmate or a model? Vogue Hommes International is not a stranger to publishing controversial covers, however Vogue have completely sexed up the cover by splashing male model Jarrod Scroll on their double page spread –  spring/summer issue in complete nudity.

On the cover, the model has his hands down his trousers, but shows of a little bit of pubic hair! but thankfully wasn’t completely naked.

On the other hand the double spread showed of things you wouldn’t want your little siblings taking an eye full off!

jarrod.jpgWOW !! 

Paris is definitely well known for their romance but sexual ways! but maybe this is a little too sexy; don’t you think?

Words: Wardah Sempa



Alesha Dixon who covered for the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine ! Talked about how black people were not featured enough, for the cover of magazines.

Considering the 34-year-old looked stunning on her photo shoots in her Neon yellow and black outfit !!

Alesha dixon

She took the views off her stunning pictures and talked about a rather fragile subject.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine :

“Sadly, I’ve learnt that prejudice still exists in parts of the entertainment industry.

“I did an interview with a magazine once and the journalist quite openly said they wouldn’t put a black person on the front cover because the magazine wouldn’t sell. 

“It made me angry because it shouldn’t be about the colour of the person’s skin, it should be about the person.”



The singer admitted that despite her bad experiences with racism  – It was a relief that; as a Panel judge on “Strictly come dancing”, it was nice feeling welcomed, even thou she was a women of colour.

She continued and said :

“When I joined the Strictly Come Dancing panel in 2009, the controller of the BBC came into my dressing room and said they were proud to have a woman of colour on their panel.

“It was so nice that they acknowledged it.”


Words: Wardah Sempa 

Ever since Beyonce has come back from her one year break, she has KILLED IT !! Touring, making new materials and featuring as covers on every major high-end magazine out there.

Beyonce has now appeared on Cosmopolitan Australia, were she looked very slim. Especially on the cover of the magazine as she wears a glittery gold dress !


Hot much ?

In fact the star has teamed up with Andre 3000, for a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to black”, so keep your eye out for Bey !

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The 20-year-old model showed just how much she loves cartoon’s especially THE SIMPSONS !! Cara wore a Bart Simpson crop top were she showed of her in-shape body by sharing the cute picture on Instagram.



The blonde-haired beauty decided to photoshop Sponge Bob Square Pants, onto the photo – were she wrote the caption of the image as ‘LICK ME SPONGE BOB! LICK ME!’


Words: Wardah Sempa 

chanel Iman

Victoria Secret model Chanel Iman, glammed it up for Galore Magazine’s April issue ‘Woman who rock!’ ! The 22-year-old model tried on different sexy outfits, with one of them being Animal print 😉 – She also dished out what it was like becoming one of the biggest supermodels in the world !

chanel iman

In one of the shots; Iman showed of her stunning body and her long pin legs by wearing only a furry coat.


Chanel told Galore Magazine :

On her goal of becoming one of the biggest supermodels on the planet
I’ve been working my ass off! I just got back from Mexico shooting for H&M and I just walked in the Jason Wu show at New York Fashion Week. There’s a lot going on and I’m just glad to be working. I’m happy this year. I know what I’m doing and what my goals are. You’ll see a lot coming my way.

My fans make me feel [like I’m a supermodel]. I’m so grateful for my fans because they inspire me everyday to keep going. The sweet messages I receive always just make me feel so loved and appreciated. It makes me want to work harder. I would love to be a leader for our generation in a positive, uplifting way. And my fans give me the inspiration to be that.

On Life Before Being a Worldwide Model
I was a child model. I started when I was really young. My aunt took me to a modeling agency when I was 12-years-old, and then I moved to New York from LA when I was 15.

On The Women She Thinks Rock
Let me see… Beyoncé, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry. There’s a lot of women out there who rock who I look up to. I think Ellen [von Unwerth] rocks. It’s my first time working with her but it’s definitely not my last. She’s awesome.

My mother rocks — she’s the number one rocker. She’s taught me everything I’ve known and she’s a strong woman. My older sister rocks too. She always gives me great advice and she’s just beautiful inside and out.

On Making Out With Usher for His Music Video
It was my first music video! I did it because I loved the concept. It was a pleasure to work with a guy like Usher because he always has really hot girls in his videos. It was very special for me because I grew up listening to Usher and I never thought that I would be making out with him in an entire video. It’s not really a job to make out with Usher. It’s very easy.

On Her Besties
Karlie Kloss is one of my girls. And Tyra [Banks] has always been very supportive.

On if she’d follow in Tyra Banks footsteps and do TV
I’m not really into that. I have a personality but I’m more low-key and quiet. She has a whole different type of career than I have, but it’s always great to have support from all different types of models and people. I don’t think I could ever be like Tyra… But I can be like Chanel.


Well her looks have definitely helped her with this career !

Words: Wardah Sempa 

Jessie J long hair


I would of thought only Amber rose could pull of the whole blonde shaved look, but I’m guessing UK singer Jessie J managed to pull off the look, by even looking better than she did before with hair.

The Do-it-like-a-dude singer shaved her hair of for charity, which clearly did her favours (Look wise).

Jessie J black hair


But to develop her new shaved look she dyed her hair earlier this week blonde to celebrate her birthday.

Jessie J


The likes of Chris brown and of course model Amber Rose clearly gave Jessie J an inspiration on dyeing her newly shaved hair blonde. The singer uploaded an image of her self, displaying her new look; looking stunning!

Now that’s what I call a blonde beauty!

Words: Wardah Sempa 


We all know how quick teens want to grow up into adults, especially when they hit an age were lingerie is involved!! (However still too young)

Victoria Secret released an ad that they were straight away crucified for due to using the term ‘Spring Break’ on their ad; in fact Victoria secret also featured a much younger model on their ad, which therefore apparently portrays teens as sexual objects.

Victoria Secret

The company’s CFO Stuart Burgdoerfer was quick to make a comment at a recent conference by saying:

“When somebody’s 15 or 16 years old, what do they want to be? They want to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college, and that’s part of the magic of what we do at Pink.”

Victoria secret completely denied the rumors by saying they had no intentions on aiming to a much younger audience.

Victoria secret explained in their statement:

“Victoria’s Secret PINK is a brand for college-aged women. Despite recent rumors, we have no plans to introduce a collection for younger women. Bright Young Things was a slogan used in conjunction with the college spring break tradition.”


It’s good to know that Victoria Secret haven’t actually aimed their sexy lingerie included line towards teens but lets see how long this controversy will last for.


Words: Wardah Sempa 


Beyonce and Gucci will both be hosting in London for a Global concert as part of Gucci’s international campaign “Chime for the change’ – Luckily we have two big icons in the industry to help make change towards the justice for women.

Gucci will be participating financially by providing financial assistance to put on the show so that all the money from the concert will go towards charities fighting for better education, health and justice for women.

beyonce wearing gucci shoes

Beyonce’s worn Gucci’s shoe collection a dozen times, so fact their she is hosting with them should be interesting ! 

” Our goal is to call change for the girls and women in the loudest voice possible “ the co – founder Beyonce.

The campaign aims to raise funds for female empowerment which will be broadcasted around the world. The concert will feature singers like Iggy, Rita Ora, John Legend, Ellie Goulding and Timbaland !

Words: Wardah Sempa 

We all know how OTT ( Over the top) Kim Kardashian is when it comes to her appearance; the level of cosmetics and procedures she would go through to stay young is amusing. In fact a while a go she endured a blood facial which is apparently good for woman who would rather avoid a surgical face lift.



But now, the reality princess took a less blood included solution by using acupuncture (Even pregnancy wont stop her!). Kim uploaded an image of herself face studded – all over her face.



Even though it looks rather uncomfortable – Its better than blood….

Words: Wardah Sempa 

Unquestionably the biggest fashion icon, it seems like Victoria can make anything look good. The former spice girl singer slash fashion designer posed it up on a large pink bubble wrap wearing her Iconic collection. Victoria wore a navy and green dress with her heels unquestionably matching her outfit.


The 38-year-old posted the images on Twitter were she gave her fans a quick preview on what could possibly be in her Iconic collection !!


Words: Wardah Sempa