American clothing retailer, Forever 21 clearly chose wisely with their ‘New face’, since American singer/model Cassie looked stunning in their Spring 2013 collection! She definitely without a doubt wore the brand well – We all know how HOT Cassie looks, and how she can pretty much rock anything, but it looks like the vintage look could possibly suit her best. In a few of the images, the star accessorised her outfit with eye-catching neon jewellery and groovy glasses.



In a series of shots, she poses in quirky crop tops, a denim jumper, printed skirts and leopard printed Harem trousers! The collection is apparently going to be split into two, with a 90s urban vintage wear to a laid back style with trainers, crop tops and abstract prints (VERY ANTIQUE)!



Looking forward to checking out the rest of forever 21’s spring 2013 collection!

Words: Wardah Sempa 


Rihanna’s on fire this year with her posing in the December Cover of GQ Nude, who wouldn’t be on a role!!

The star posed for the men’s magazine looking as sexy as ever, JUST wearing a Black leather jacket with her hand covering her bits (Not new to that are you RI RI!!).

Rihanna of cause had to show an appearance at the awards part where she was more covered up than usual (Thank god) but managed to steal the awards look stunning.

Rihanna heated up the awards in her hot red dress at the GQ men of the year party at Chateau Marmont, Tuesday night.

The star that recently finished her new album slicked her hair back, and added simple diamond jewelry to her outfit.


The star also received extra ATTENTION from actor Jamie Foxx


Looking good RI RI!


P Diddy and Cassie were also there where Diddy couldn’t not keep his eyes of his boo !!


Sounds like such a party !

Words: Wardah Sempa 


Cassie oils up for GQ magazine! | Fashionismydrug.