We all know the sort of original style that UK group Little Mix have, but maybe the ditsy singer Jade Thirwall went a little bit OTT with her look…

The singer was spotted with her band mates arriving at BBC Radio 1 to promote Little mix’s new single “How Ya Doin?” The singer ended up with more facial hair than usual by the time she left. The 20-year-old band member finished up with a drawn moustache and monobrow on her face after playing truth or dare with DJ Scott Mills…. The look weirdly…. Suits her! The singer sported a blue mini skirt and detailed top underneath her grey trench, coat.



She was given the option of having the moustache and monobrow drawn on her with a permanent marker! As a dare for Pere not revealing where jade likes to play Sudoku. (Must have been a secret for her to want to take the dare!)

little mix


The look defo suits you Jade! But let’s not make it habit now.


Words: Wardah Sempa 


The dying your whole hair a different crazy colour is definitely trending ( Azealia Banks and Jade Thirwall proved that) and now the former X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd proved this theory by showing of her new crazy hairstyle. Cher Lloyd, who was previously compared to Cheyrl Cole, dyed her hair from brown to blue to clearly find her own identity. The former brunette was spotted in New York City heading to the Sirius XM radio station where she was wearing a knitted dress, floppy summer looking hat with shinny leggings ( Odd mix).



Words: Wardah Sempa