Let’s just say the British singer, partied at the LA music festival in style as two males carried her up high, around the event!



Rita was definitely dressed for the occasion as the singer showed of her festival fashion by wearing a white t-shirt rolled up with her pink bikini underneath, plenty of jewelry and a backwards baseball cap on her head (Very Rita!).



The singer showed of her toned legs by completing her look, with a cute but weird looking skirt.



Typical Rita, Gotta love the careless look!

Words: Wardah Sempa 


Victoria models are strictly known for their sex appeal and hot looks and it looks like Candice  Swanepoel did them proud on her lingerie shoot for the Lingerie Giants in St.Barts. She showed of her flawless body rocking different bikinis where she even admired her own body. (Defo proud)

She wore a pink bikini in one of the shoots.

pink bikini

In another shoot the Victoria Secret model looked stunning in a peach lace bikini.

Orange bikini

Confidence is definitely and understatement in this shoot!

Candice also blew everyone away in her pink and black patterned bikini, were she showed of her toned body.

Victoria S

Lets not forget the sky blue bikini Candice wore.

sky blue bikini


The Victoria secret models absolutely know how to tame a shoot!

Words: Wardah Sempa