The 46-year-old actress who is expecting her second child! Was spotted Thursday night in Rio at the premier of “The Call”. The cat-woman star looked stunning in a fitted lace and satin dress – Not only does she look sleek but she’s also embracing the baby bump!

Halle Berry



Hay! At least she isn’t struggling like KIM K (Awkward).

Words: Wardah Sempa 


Kristen looked the part on the red carpet as she arrived at Leicester Square for the premier of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 BUT when she left the premier, she looked not so glamorous.


The 22-year-old looked stunning in her glittering black gown, definitely eye catching.


But she clearly didn’t feel any sort of comfort in her gown as she came out their premier dressed in jeans, top and a ‘God loves ugly’ top… Must rate a girl for being different.

Whilst her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, cared a whole lot more about his appearance and stuck to looking smart.


Words: Wardah Sempa