The 20-year-old singer, decided to partake in a mini photo shoot for her fans on Twitter! She uploaded a numerous of images of her self, calling it “Girls in boys clothing”.

In one of her photos, the young actress showed of her typical punk rock-look, by wearing complete black, alongside her black studded leather jacket!

Miley in rock

Very Miley! 

She decided to dress as a tom boy in her other photo shoots with her friends, where she donned black leather shorts with a tank top; completing her look with monochrome stiletto pumps.

Miley two


In fact, Miley and her friends all wore bright red lipstick, which Miley captioned #redlipcrew.’

All three


The singer was clearly bored, therefore made her own entertainment!


Words: Wardah Sempa 


Christmas and New years is coming up so I guess everyone goes through a stage of wanting change, but then again is that always a good thing?


The British singer Alexandra Burke showed of her newly blonde hair at coconut rum party at club Mahiki in London. (Preferred her black to be fair)


The 25-year-old rocked a hot black velvet dress with nude heels. (Kept it simple apart from her makeup)


The ex Xfactor winner who is known for loving to club just as much as performing cosied up with friend Mollie King from girl band the Saturdays where they both clubbed it out blonde style.


But my question is what do you guys think of Alexandra’s major transformation, is it a no go or a way to go? Let me know!!


Words: Wardah Sempa 


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