We all know the sort of original style that UK group Little Mix have, but maybe the ditsy singer Jade Thirwall went a little bit OTT with her look…

The singer was spotted with her band mates arriving at BBC Radio 1 to promote Little mix’s new single “How Ya Doin?” The singer ended up with more facial hair than usual by the time she left. The 20-year-old band member finished up with a drawn moustache and monobrow on her face after playing truth or dare with DJ Scott Mills…. The look weirdly…. Suits her! The singer sported a blue mini skirt and detailed top underneath her grey trench, coat.



She was given the option of having the moustache and monobrow drawn on her with a permanent marker! As a dare for Pere not revealing where jade likes to play Sudoku. (Must have been a secret for her to want to take the dare!)

little mix


The look defo suits you Jade! But let’s not make it habit now.


Words: Wardah Sempa 


The 20-year-old singer, decided to partake in a mini photo shoot for her fans on Twitter! She uploaded a numerous of images of her self, calling it “Girls in boys clothing”.

In one of her photos, the young actress showed of her typical punk rock-look, by wearing complete black, alongside her black studded leather jacket!

Miley in rock

Very Miley! 

She decided to dress as a tom boy in her other photo shoots with her friends, where she donned black leather shorts with a tank top; completing her look with monochrome stiletto pumps.

Miley two


In fact, Miley and her friends all wore bright red lipstick, which Miley captioned #redlipcrew.’

All three


The singer was clearly bored, therefore made her own entertainment!


Words: Wardah Sempa 


Alesha Dixon who covered for the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine ! Talked about how black people were not featured enough, for the cover of magazines.

Considering the 34-year-old looked stunning on her photo shoots in her Neon yellow and black outfit !!

Alesha dixon

She took the views off her stunning pictures and talked about a rather fragile subject.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine :

“Sadly, I’ve learnt that prejudice still exists in parts of the entertainment industry.

“I did an interview with a magazine once and the journalist quite openly said they wouldn’t put a black person on the front cover because the magazine wouldn’t sell. 

“It made me angry because it shouldn’t be about the colour of the person’s skin, it should be about the person.”



The singer admitted that despite her bad experiences with racism  – It was a relief that; as a Panel judge on “Strictly come dancing”, it was nice feeling welcomed, even thou she was a women of colour.

She continued and said :

“When I joined the Strictly Come Dancing panel in 2009, the controller of the BBC came into my dressing room and said they were proud to have a woman of colour on their panel.

“It was so nice that they acknowledged it.”


Words: Wardah Sempa 

Jessie J

Comic Relief was last night, which meant people with the kindness of their hearts did something funny to raise money for charity. Lets just say, not everyone went to the extreme that UK singer Jessie J did which, was shaving her hair completely off for comic relief (WOW).

Jessie Js hair

The price Tag singer said that having no hair was the ‘Weirdest feeling’ and proudly owned the shaven look with no regrets on BBC live show. The singer had previously visited some of the charities that Comic relief helped which clearly hit home. This was apparently one of the reasons to why she gladly wanted to shave her hair.

Jessie J


Personally i think Jessie J rocks the shaven look rather well…

Words: Wardah Sempa 

Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Newyork wearing one of winters biggest trends … leopard print, the 43-year-old singer slash actress wore a leopard print coat completing her look with black thigh-high louboutin boots.

jennifer lopez


The hottie couldn’t help but show of how great she looked in Animal print !! (PERFECT CHOICE )


Words: Wardah Sempa 

The 18-year-old singer couldn’t help but be a tad naughty by uploading a photo on Instagram of himself mooning … I think he quickly realized what he did, so he quickly deleted the photo. But little did he know that over millions of people were going to save the picture on their phone (Was bound to happen).



Justin is seen on the photo grabbing his bum wearing his sunglasses and hat (Obviously a quick joke, which backfired)!


Words: Wardah Sempa 


I dont think our hot singer Alexandra burke got the memo on the dress sense for the night when she was spotted with female celebs who all attending model Jourdan Dunn’s leaving party in London looking GLAM ( Except Alexandra of corse) .

The 24-year-old singer was spotted looking casual on a nights out wearing disco pants and a huge orange long sleeved top.

Alexandra burje


Gotta rate her CONFIDENCE. but on the other hand the singer joined a host of female friends such as model Jourdan Dunn, singer Jamelia and even Lauren Pope from the Only way is essex !

Our model Jourdan Dunn looked stunning showing of her pins in her short glittery dress with her gold heels.



Jamelia kept it strictly black and wore a black play suit, with black heels plus a leather coat.




Out only way is essex beau wore a Burgundy long dress completing her look with black ankle boots.



lauren pope



The girls looked HOT … Oh well Alexandra theres always a next time.


alexandra burke



Words: Wardah Sempa 



December 19, 2012

The 27-year-old chose to cover up her stunning figure by stepping out from her dance rehearsal in Hollywood dressed (Like a boy) in her ‘Boyfriend’ ripped jeans completed with a wool and leather large baseball looking jacket plus her black combat boots.


The like a boy star was fully covered as she wore black sunglasses and a black beanie hat to match.

ciara 2

Clearly a very laid back look for Ciara.

Words: Wardah Sempa 

Christmas and New years is coming up so I guess everyone goes through a stage of wanting change, but then again is that always a good thing?


The British singer Alexandra Burke showed of her newly blonde hair at coconut rum party at club Mahiki in London. (Preferred her black to be fair)


The 25-year-old rocked a hot black velvet dress with nude heels. (Kept it simple apart from her makeup)


The ex Xfactor winner who is known for loving to club just as much as performing cosied up with friend Mollie King from girl band the Saturdays where they both clubbed it out blonde style.


But my question is what do you guys think of Alexandra’s major transformation, is it a no go or a way to go? Let me know!!


Words: Wardah Sempa 

Personally she was the least person I expected to be dressing up into the dark side but moving on. The 43-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez showed of her new sexy look with her toy boy Roberto Cavalli. The actress slash singer showed of what she had on the red carpet at the Cavalli club/ restaurant in Dubai. She wore long loose white trousers completing her look with a loose fitting peach and lime-designed blouse.

In fact even thou Jennifer is known for usually wearing her makeup a little more toned down, she decided to make her makeup even more dramatic by going extra hard on the makeup through wearing thick eyeliner with her lips standing out by adding on dark purple coloured lipstick – very gothic but rather chic!

Jennifer with her beau dancer Roberto Cavalli (25)


What did you guys think of her look, a little too much or?


Words: Wardah Sempa