A lot of young females feel the need to always wear makeup to cover their insecurities, which is okay. But maybe feeling comfortable naturally will overcome those insecurities. Singer Demi Lovato posted an image of herself without any makeup on Twitter.

Fox's "The X Factor" Season Finale News Conference


(Demi Lovato wearing full make-up)

The 20-year-old wanted to help females feel better about themselves without make up by posting the image of herself make-free – encouraging her fans to do the same.

Demi Lovato


(Make-up free) 


The USA X-factor judge captioned her image saying ‘Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!’

She has her fans posting her images of themselves make-free – Gotta love the inspiration !

( I would post an image of myself make up free but NAAA lol )

Words: Wardah Sempa 



Unquestionably the biggest fashion icon, it seems like Victoria can make anything look good. The former spice girl singer slash fashion designer posed it up on a large pink bubble wrap wearing her Iconic collection. Victoria wore a navy and green dress with her heels unquestionably matching her outfit.


The 38-year-old posted the images on Twitter were she gave her fans a quick preview on what could possibly be in her Iconic collection !!


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Bajan singer, Rihanna who recently flew over to London to launch her River Island collection plus partied it up in DSTRKT till 2am, gave her fans an eye full, when the star decided to continue her usual saucy antics by uploading an image via Instagram, in her bathroom wearing her CUSTOM made boots held by suspender-type belt, wearing ONLY her white thong.



The singer showed of her figure whilst also thanking Prada’s boss lady Miuccia Prada herself, for the boots.

The singer wrote on twitter:

‘Gotcha b***h tip toeing on my marble flo’!!! Sick a** custom Prada boots! Miuccia you RULE!!! Thanks you’

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February 27, 2013

Ask yourself this; are you making money from Twitter? (Thought not) Do you have a working profession with Twitter? (Doubt it) then why do people feel the need to allow a social network to have such a huge impact towards their life? With twitter you have groups….

We have twitter gangsters – who think typing through a keyboard tweeting gang signs and cussing people they don’t know, will gain them respect … No. The truth is, those people are probably so quiet and timid in person, that not being able to express how they really feel in human form (Because they are so weak) has influenced them emotionally, by TYPING their anger through a keyboard, relieving them on getting excited by looking at a screen furthermore being ‘bad’ … Mate, who cares get a Councilor.

Online gangster

Two we have Racism, – Black, white, mixed race, Asian; I’m sick and tired of reading and seeing all these ‘On screen gangster’s’ cussing different races. In fact there was one example I saw which I found hilarious, a topic to do with black girls (of course), the joke of it was, the topic started of because of black guys, (LOL). I am not a preacher so I’m not even going to get into this subject because of how sensitive the topic is, but for the guys who think its okay to cuss thier own colour, sorry to bring up slavery but if you was put into a category (yes I’m talking about the light skin guys to) you would be put in the ‘Black group’ so god knows, how this anger towards black girls even started but anyway pets please inform your sisters, mothers and fathers on how exactly you feel towards black girls – No ones forcing you to be with a black girl, everyone has their own type so don’t get it twisted, but cussing a black girl and making it a trending topic is to be honest WEAK, I think its pretty funny how people feel the need to cuss a certain race to look good because of a ‘social network’.  (You look dumb) By the way this was the first example that come to my head so don’t get too emotional.


Three we have fake friendships/relationships – Think about it this way, if you needed someone at three o clock on a rainy morning, I doubt the people you beg friend via twitter and claim are your best friends, will leave their nice warm bed at that time, in the rain to come and see if your okay… In fact expect a no reply.


Four we have twitter celebs – The majority of people hilariously think that, if they have more than 5,000 followers that their more relevant, fact is delete your twitter and see how many people remember you then J


Five we have suicidal tweets and the recycled tweets – We all go through things, and yes, twitter you can tweet what ever you like, but sometimes certain things SHOULD NOT, I repeat should not be tweeted, I know its twitter and everything but not every little thing needs to be tweeted, I’m sure there is a life outside of twitter were you can break down and act suicidal without the whole world knowing… Oh yeah, people repeating the SAME TOPIC OVER ND OVER AGAIN *YAWN


But yeah, I’m rumbling on and getting a tad bored, however it’s just funny how people impact their whole lives because of twitter … the funniest thing is … you aren’t even getting money from it (LOOOOOL). But yeah team GANGSTER!! WOOP WOOP.

If thats you .. lol oopsie but thats sad mate.

Words: Wardah Sempa 


February 16, 2013

Our glamour model Katie Price blasts on Body Building Jodie Marsh over her stories about her ‘Semtex’ slimming pills.

Katie went overly emotional about the subject on Twitter and Tweeted :

‘Jodie is either plain stupid or being badly advised. We’ve all heard the sob story about how she trained so hard to transform her body into the muscle machine it is today.

‘I believed Jodie when she said she achieved the change by spending eight hours a day in the gym and by eating 15 egg whites daily, washed down with protein shakes.’

katie price

According to Katie Price, Jodie Marsh had lied to her fans about her body building physique by using dieting pills.

Jodie Marsh replied to Katie price’s tweets by saying :

‘So KP, everyone over size 10 is a heffer & we should all just have lipo instead of eating healthy & using #Semtex to get fit? #badrolemodel.

‘My products are food & fuel to help you get the perfect toned body. By that I do not mean skinny, I promote health & fitness & exercise xx.

Jodie Marsh Presents: Loaded Glamour Girl Wrestling

I see this escalating to be honest.

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January 21, 2013

First Rihanna decided to do a little something with Riverisland and now our Glamorous Diva Beyonce is rumoured to be teaming up with high street fashion store H&M.

The singer was spotted in a colourful swimwear at the Bahamas posing for a new swimwear range,


one of the singers dancers Kimberly Gibson apparently let slip about the new collaboration on twitter:

‘First day of trial in the Bahamas! H&M all set … go ‘

She then deleted the tweet …. ( Clearly got into some trouble!)


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Singer/Dancer Shakira who is expecting a child with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique released a beautiful black and white portrait of each other, with Shakira in a bikini showing of her baby bump alongside her beau who also looked very proud topless.

shikiri and beau


Clearly, doing things differently the couple decided instead of posing for a magazine, they decided to share their happiness with their fans via twitter.

The due date hasn’t been announced yet, but the couple definitely followed Britney spears footsteps in posing nude in their heavy stages of pregnancy.

Awww 🙂


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I guess the benefits of our social network instagram are being able to see what celebrities do – day to day visually with what they wear eat and party. So Instagram may have gotten a tad carried away when they took the whole social network to a whole different level by apparently deciding to change their policy rules by being allowed to advertise or sell any images the celebrities had uploaded through the social network… obviously a lot of the stars weren’t happy…

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters had a lot to say about the matter, Kim, Khloe and Kendall all had mutual feelings.


Kim Kardashian, who is known for her racy images on instagram,


Tweeted: ‘I really loved Instagram 😦 I need to review this new policy. I don’t think its fair.’

Fashion designer/The hills former star Lauren Conrad agreed: ‘Seriously Instagram…? Guess I’ll be deleting my account now. Shame.’

In fact she went on and tweeted ‘Instagram’s new terms of service will be the beautifully cropped and filtered nail in their coffin #instagramfail

Dancing with the stars dancer Cheryl Burke tweeted: ‘can’t believe Instagrams new policy! They r allowed 2 use ALL of ur images in advertising. Will be erasing my account shortly.’

Actress Tiffani Thiessen tweeted: ‘really sad to have to end my luv 4 instagram.’

Instagram should have been alot smarter about this…

Instagram, co-founder Kevin Systrom later attempted to stem the backlash, releasing a statement saying: ‘It is our mistake that this language is confusing.

‘To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos.’


But apparently users must accept to the term or deactivate their instagrams – I’m guessing if this policy really does go down, this will definitely back fire on instagram!

Words: Wardah Sempa 

The fact that our Kardashian side man Rob Kardashian, has gained a few pounds due to his break up with singer Rita Ora, just goes to show that he isn’t really coping the break up very well… We all handle break ups different I guess. The designer was spotted meeting he’s sister’s the other day where, the results of he’s heartbreak were displayed… The reality star wore strictly all black with white trainers… Kept it simple.

fat rob

The designer decided to take a different approach to his heartbreak by drowning he’s sorrows at a Strip club instead of food. The 25-year-old decided to go extra hard by partying with stripper Yaris Sanchez till late.

strip club


Yaris Sanchez drinking Hennessy 

The Las Vegas strip club was clearly POPPING when Rob decided to show everyone the kind of fun he was having by uploading images via Twitter of a stripper giving a lap dance, whilst someone put money in her G-string.




That’s one way of getting over her!!


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Ri Ri isn’t new with posing almost naked in her images and with her Unapologetic album going big this year (Was released on the 12th of November) plus her and her boo Chris Brown looking like their on good terms, I reckon Rihanna has a lot to celebrate don’t you think?

Keen to show her figure of, Rihanna poses another raunchy image of herself almost naked with a glass of wine by her fireplace. (Maintaining her modesty by not being fully naked!) The 24-year-old Bajan singer wore a furry hooded coat with just her lace black bra !!


The singer also showed of her freshly cut cropped hair whilst she pouts with a cigarette in her mouth.


The sexy pictures were taken by the singer’s best friend Melissa Ford, were the images were uploaded on twitter and instagram ! (The usual)

Words: Wardah Sempa