The 20-year-old singer, decided to partake in a mini photo shoot for her fans on Twitter! She uploaded a numerous of images of her self, calling it “Girls in boys clothing”.

In one of her photos, the young actress showed of her typical punk rock-look, by wearing complete black, alongside her black studded leather jacket!

Miley in rock

Very Miley! 

She decided to dress as a tom boy in her other photo shoots with her friends, where she donned black leather shorts with a tank top; completing her look with monochrome stiletto pumps.

Miley two


In fact, Miley and her friends all wore bright red lipstick, which Miley captioned #redlipcrew.’

All three


The singer was clearly bored, therefore made her own entertainment!


Words: Wardah Sempa 


The former Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter film, decided to show how grown she really was by posing topless for a new green campaign called ‘Natural Beauty’. The 22 year old, showed of only her shoulders in one picture and left very little imagination in others.

Emma Watson


The young actress showed of her silky skin, with Emma Watson’s hair wet, typically going for the natural look.



In another shot, Emma appears to be covered with mud as she closes her eyes with her head turned holding onto the flowers.



Definitely different to the innocent looks she usually goes for !!

Words: Wardah Sempa